Can Counselling help me?
Life can be tough. I believe that recognising we could do with some help is a sign of strength and courage.  You may feel lost or confused about yourself or your life.  Therapy offers a confidential space to explore thoughts and feelings. You won't be judged.  Possibly you feel stressed, anxious or just low.  Feelings may be triggered by life-changing events or a challenging life transition. You may want to work on your relationships or to consider cultural or gender issues. Exploring thoughts and feelings can help us to gain clarity. I work alongside people who are dissatisfied or unhappy with their life.  Talking things through with someone who will really listen can help us to gain a sense of peace. Counselling can be about making positive changes. A powerful opportunity to become more self-aware, therapy can help you to come to terms with your problems and - where possible - to find a solution. Making new choices on how to live our lives can help us to feel more content and fulfilled.